Earning recommendation

‘Own, Buy, Earn’ may, or may not be, your recognised marketing mantra. But it articulates a great truism.

As a marketeer you ‘own’ your own estate to say what you want and you can buy a share of market voice through paid for activity. But what you or your brand earns is at the discretion of your customers.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than on Trip Advisor where hotels, restaurants and resorts are ranked by customer feedback. Clients are often worried by this apparent lack of control but it’s interesting to see how cases of adverse or unfair criticism very often result in a far greater volume of positivity. Close to us at Grattons Court is the Half Moon at Warninglid which we like – and so do a lot of others it seems. Power to the people…­­ and proof that a brand is not defined by how you present it, but by how your customers perceive it.