A health check, or MOT for your business.

Your opportunity to evaluate where your business is currently at and where your marketing needs to drive future direction. Our proven brand essence process has helped re-shape businesses to become the market leaders in their field and even helped transform a small UK equipment manufacturer in to a global brand.

From insurance giants RSA and MS Amlin, to smaller companies, our process has helped clarify thinking and galvanised a sense of purpose and direction for their marketing. We helped The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Insurance Company Limited change to Direct Line and a weighing systems company become factory profitability experts.

Our process involves one-to-one interviews with key players in the business to extract the different visions and opinions for the brand, its mission, function and how it performs better – or worse – than the competition, and what authority there may be to justify the claims it makes. All these answers help create the jigsaw of a simple mission statement that’s ultimately distilled into a single sentence to encapsulate the essence of the brand, shape and direct all aspects of your marketing.

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