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The brief:

To undertake a brand essence process to differentiate a specialist insurance business from their competition.

What we did:

By interviewing key players in the Amlin Plus management team we were able to identify key attributes of their business. After the individual interview process, the different answers and opinions to a set of identical questions were pooled anonymously to extract specific and revealing comments: the vision for the brand and how to achieve it, the function of the brand, its key performance differences and personality and what were the sources of authority that enabled it to make the claims it did.

All these comments were sweated to create a statement answering each question and then distilled into a single sentence – the brand’s essence.

What we achieved:

By identifying the unique skills, knowledge and global capabilities of the Amlin Plus team we were able to build a new and distinctively different marketing platform positioning them as the world’s experts by featuring competitors and specialists at the pinnacle of equine achievement.

Amlin Plus Concept visuals
Concept visuals for a new campaign

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