Keeping in touch with customers

It’s a challenge when your customers only think about you once a year – maybe just to renew a membership or to buy insurance. But the need remains to be front of mind, without antagonising them with unwelcome reminders that it’s simply time to pay up!

Understanding their passion is the key to creating and sharing things with them that they really enjoy, putting the relationship on a human, rather than a business footing. This is evidenced by the experience of our boat insurance client. By setting up a YouTube channel for them we created a platform for a whole range of really useful and enjoyable content – everything from handy hints about buying and looking after a boat, to places they might love to discover and explore.

But the real beauty of keeping in touch like this is that we demonstrated our shared interest and, unlike advertising spend, we invested in an asset that continues to accrue in value. Ever increasing viewings of over a quarter of a million on their YouTube channel prove that…day after day.

Chris Wall