Creating audience interest with YouTube videos

The brief

To recruit and create year-round engagement with prospects who are boat owners but only briefly in market annually to research and buy their boat insurance.

What we did

Having initially set up a YouTube channel, we focused on content creation that was of real interest and help to boat owners – from tips about buying a boat or planning a long distance voyage, to exploring destinations within easy reach.

Award winning filmmaker, John Boyle, was already known to us from his 25 clip travelogue about circumnavigation of the British Isles which we sponsored on behalf of our client through a magazine publisher. CWC has since worked directly and closely with John to create a series of really engaging videos for which we provide scripting and storyboards.

What we achieved

Interaction with the widest possible boating audience, attracting viewings of over 250,000 which keep the client’s brand front of mind and provides simple on screen click-through to get an online quote for boat insurance. The videos are an investment in assets that continue to add value, rather than evaporate in advertising spend and provide a wealth of content and interest to be shared across social media.

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