Breaking down communication barriers through mime...

The brief

Edwards Vacuum is a global leader in industrial pump technology. In launching their groundbreaking new nXRi pump range they were looking for launch messaging that would be both easily understood and memorable.

Our approach was selected from a three-way agency pitch. We were chosen for the simplicity of messaging that would be easily understood and for our distinctive approach that would stand out in the industrial pump marketplace.

What we did

With the need to appeal across multiple languages and cultures we opted for a highly visual form of communication based on the artform of mime. Starting with a couple of short teaser videos we released a 90 second mime based video to promote the features of the nXRi. Whilst keeping the product centre stage we used strong visual metaphors to deliver the key messaging.

What we achieved

Centering on a 90 second launch video we were able to create a series of powerful visual messages that could be used by the global marketing teams in a bespoke way to focus on the needs of their local markets.

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